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Our principles and main ideas

Responsibility and high quality standards characterize our work. Read more in the individual principles according to which we act.


Behavior principle


We, the employees and managers of CCCBusiness Service AG, assume responsibility for our tasks and the results of our work. We act for the benefit of the company, focus on solutions and seize opportunities.



We deploy our individual manpower and individual skills to reach the objectives of the company. Consequent attention to the needs of the customers is crucial.



We communicate openly, honestly, reliably and with mutual respect. We recognize conflicts in time and deal with them fairly. We seek common solutions and respect our agreements.


Team work

We help each other and treat each other with fairness and esteem. We encourage the learning process, admit our mistakes and learn from them. We are open to changes.


Management principles

Role model

Our managers exemplify good performance and the principles of conduct and leadership.



To manage is to reach goals with people. Our managers are fully aware of this task. They will position their employees according to their strong points. They demand efficiency, quality and results, empower their employees and reinforce their personal responsibility. They delegate and monitor the procedures. They actively encourage the mutual feedback between employees and managers. They create motivating working conditions and harmonize the individual and the company’s objectives. They intervene immediately when they detect inadequate performance or undesired behavior.

The actions of our managers are goal-oriented, demanding and participative. However, participation does not replace decision making.



Trust is the essential element of the relation between employees and managers. And part of this trust is our conviction that our employees are competent and committed.


Personal development

We perceive personal development as an important task for our managers. We give everyone the opportunity to shape their personal and professional future. The initiative for further development is primarily the responsibility of our employees. We support internal and external means of professional education and development. We train apprentices even if we cannot always offer them a job in the company.



Quality is our greatest asset. And each day anew, we strive to earn it. We want the greatest possible benefits for our customers. We do not only sell products, we create quality. We meet our customers’ requirements with utmost care. Internal workshops and training courses ensure that each individual employee is fully aware of our quality policy and respects it at all times.


Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance is an important topic in a small- and medium-sized family-run business. We are aware that good Corporate Governance and supervision are important for the sustainable success of a company despite the concentration of management and shareholders.

This is the reason why we deliberately rely on an external audit by  

  • an external President of the Board of Directors and
  • external and independent auditors.

The competences are clearly and transparently disclosed in the organization regulations of the CCCBusiness Service AG.


Management system

The CCCBusiness Service AG is in the process of establishing a quality management system for the certification pursuant to ISO 9001:2015.

Our corporate principles are specified in the Management Handbook that includes guidelines for the quality of our services and solutions as well as the occupational health and safety of our employees, important regulations about leadership and behavior and it specifies the principles of our human resource policy. The valid Management Handbook is the most important superior instrument for managing the operative business. Based on this the management ensures the compliance with the applicable laws and directives at all times.


Risik management

Risk awareness is an essential element of our commercial activities. We take the appropriate measures to identify all risk factors and to eliminate or limit them, whenever possible. The purpose of our risk management is to recognize, evaluate, monitor, minimize and document potential risks. The risk management system will also ensure that these risks are communicated within the company and, if necessary, to the public.

We enhance our guidelines and systems for the risk management continuously.

Since 2014 we have been establishing the internal control system (ICS) and have been guided by the ISO 9001:2015 standards.


Risk management-system

The various tools of the system include risk scenarios, the risk portfolio and the risk card. The risk scenarios take issues such as the delivery capacity and market fluctuations, the service and solution guarantee and the occupational safety into consideration. The essential parameters for the risk assessment are possible effects and the degree of controllability.

We are not primarily interested in the probability that a scenario occurs. In this way we want to deal purposely with scenarios that can be regarded as quite rare and implausible.

The risk portfolio summarizes the knowledge gathered, defines priorities and recommends both technical and organizational measures. The risk card is used as a means of communication and control for the clear representation and evaluation of risks by classifying oncoming developments according to the colors of the traffic light. The risk card is issued to the Board of Directors regularly.



Our responsibility as an employer

As an employer, we show our commitment to society. We challenge and encourage our employees. We provide our employees with the most reliable means of existence possible, in an optimal environment. We offer well-functioning, multicultural work conditions: thirteen different nationalities working together in a casual atmosphere are testimony to our open corporate culture.


Personnel policy

Our ultimate competitive advantage is the way in which our employees contribute to the values and the performance of our company and how they represent them to the outside world. Our personnel policy is entirely based upon this concept.



Amongst the candidates who correspond to the job profile, we select our new employees on the basis of their personality. We address people who want to shape their future and that of the company and assume the responsibilities assigned to them.

We offer our employees comprehensive and responsible fields of activities with a direct impact on the development of our company.

Their tasks will be aligned with the evolution of the market.



Thanks to the yearly target-setting and evaluation process, every employee knows his objectives and can perform the tasks assigned to him. Performance is judged by the achievement of material objectives or behavior goals. Informal talks during the year complete the process.

Discussions concerning inadequate performance or inappropriate conduct are formally documented and communicated to the personnel department. Exceptional performance is appreciated and can also be formally documented.

The good tools, the professionally managed discussions and an open, honest dialogue provide us with a valuable and growth fostering feedback.



We perceive personal development as an important task for our managers. We give everyone the opportunity to shape their personal and professional future. The initiative for further development is primarily the responsibility of our employees. We support internal and external means of professional education and development. We train apprentices even if we cannot always offer them a job in the company.


Personnel departure

We treat employees who leave the company as well as employees that are laid off with respect and understanding and expect the same from them in return.

We ensure that as much as possible of the know-how and experience of the departing employees remain within the company.

Economic lay-offs are made as socially acceptable as possible. We help the departing employees in their search of a new job.



Our communication creates transparency, understanding, trust and motivation, internally as well as externally. Thanks to our communication, the company is perceived as an attractive employer. We also view communication as a tool that is used to reach the company’s objectives.


Human Resources

Human Resources provides the processes, tools and services to implement our personnel policy. The members of the Human Resources department are contact persons for the managers as well as the employees.