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New tasks require support. We advise our customers objectively with expertise gained from experience.

Our methodological, technical, professional and social skills lead to solutions that provide effective added value for our customers. For years we have relied on an active dialogue in our consulting, in workshops as well as video conferences supported by digital instruments such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Sharepoint, MindManager, etc.

The success of the solution depends on understanding the task and the needs. Project order entry and analysis play a decisive role. Once the task has been correctly recorded and confirmed by the customer, the solution concept is developed. Before the solution concept is implemented, it is reviewed and agreed on with the customer to ensure that the implementation is efficient, fast and of high quality. The implemented solution has to be tested and piloted so that it works flawlessly, efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner in everyday life.

Our consulting channels

By Telephone

If you need direct, quick advice, please contact us on 044 809 44 66.

By e-mail

We would be pleased to receive your request for advice by e-mail to info@cccbs.ch.


If you would like to discuss your consultation request with us personally, please make an appointment with us via 044 809 44 66 oder info@cccbs.ch.

The Volare Group has been using the consulting services of CCC for two years now. Thanks to their objective, solution-oriented approach and technical and methodological skills, we have succeeded in massively increasing the quality and efficiency of our processes. We appreciate CCC’s competence, objectivity, solution-oriented approach and collaborative work.

Markus Peier, Volare Group

The AVIA Association has been relying on the consulting services of CCC for decades in national as well as digital tasks surrounding digital processes. We appreciate CCC’s objectivity, focus on solutions and reliable partnership.

Bruno Graf, AVIA Association

The C factor.
Independent and experienced.