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CCC’s solutions are based on decades of experience and focus on processes and customers.

The success of the solution depends on understanding the task and the needs. Project order entry and analysis play a decisive role. Once the task has been correctly understood and confirmed by the customer, the solution concept is developed. Before the solution concept is implemented, it is reviewed and agreed on with the customer to ensure that the implementation is efficient, fast and of high quality. The implemented solution has to be tested and piloted so that it works flawlessly, efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner in everyday life.

The C factor.
Independent and experienced.

Coop Mineraloel AG has been building on the solutions and services of CCC for 20 years. This is an important factor in the great growth, development and success of Coop Pronto petrol stations and Coop Pronto cards.

Thomas Lustenberger, Coop Mineraloel AG

Since 2017 we have been relyingon the services of CCC in Austria for the processing of our customers’ fleet cards via ep2 at petrol stations. CCC has been a skilled, innovative, cooperative and reliable partner who has implemented complicated requirements quickly and to a high standard of quality within a very short time.

Thomas Heldner / Michel von Rohr, Worldline SIX Payments Service AG