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Our customer service is as multifaceted as our individual employees. Customers, partners and clients appreciate being in contact with us. Whether in offline and/or online authorisation systems (IFSF or ep2), our acquiring solutions ensure the smooth processing (authorisation / transaction transmission) of your customer card. Our portfolio is characterised by international experience in complex switching and routing projects for payment cards.

What can we do for you today?

CCCBusiness Service AG provides services for you in your name and on your behalf so that you can fully concentrate on your main tasks and increase your profit.

CCCBusiness Service AG

Over 20 years of experience and expertise in loyalty card and acquiring solutions and customer services. The shareholders are fully owned by the management to ensure independence. We have two locations to ensure 99.9% reliability and availability. Customers, partners as well as employees maintain long-term relationships with CCCBusiness Service AG.

Memberships and licenses

Why use CCC services?


We have more than 20 years of experience and expertise.


We have many years of experience (processes, resources, technology etc.) with customer cards.


We can offer one-stop shopping for acquiring and issuing with our own and independent solutions.


We are constantly developing ourselves and our services.


We have many years of experience in the petrol customer card and international acquisition business.


We can always comply with standards such as PCI, KKG or FINMA.

Your concrete benefits

How to implement the right solution for you

  • Your initial situation is checked.
  • An order requirement specification is created, if not already available.
  • The appropriate processing protocol is selected (IFSF/IFSF EV/ep2/ep2 Petrol).
  • The suitable processes are defined together.
  • You will receive a detailed offer.
  • After your order, the implementation and introduction takes place.

Optimize process and investment costs

By outsourcing to a central specialist, you benefit from synergy effects and do not have to worry about detailed processes and questions.

Reduce investment costs through synergy effects, because you do not bear investment costs yourself.

You achieve a broad, competent and secure coverage for the handling of your service.

Increase of efficiency

Thanks to fully automated, standardized processes, you increase efficiency.


We implement with you the solution that suits you.

Quality and security

  • Secure standards IFSF, ep2.
  • We run two data centers.
  • All components are designed double / redundant.
  • Special hardware and software make your transactions secure and PCI equivalent.
  • Our solutions are secured by our own staff and strong partner networks.
  • Specialists lay the foundation for correct transaction processing.

Release valuable resources

Use your resources for your customers and your profit.

Together with the customer we find the best solution.